Posted by: steuberosa | March 8, 2017

Spring forward

In a few weeks we will miss an hour of sleep for the supposed benefit of saving energy…We don’t like it! But hopefully beautiful Spring weather and the smell of flowers and ocean spray will help us get over it quickly.

What about you, any plans for this Spring? We would love to meet you here at the Banana Manor. Give us a call, send us an e-mail!


Posted by: steuberosa | January 20, 2017

Welcome to a fresh start

This year has just started so we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our past, present and future guests abundant happiness, health and peace. It looks like this is going to be a year of change – for better or worse? Let’s hope for the best.

Here in Faial nature and people just follow their same regular cycles with a few odd ones out. Latest in the “tourism is our future” craze: a 6 million Euro hotel project to be dropped like a massive spaceship on top of Pico’s UNESCO world heritage vineyard landscape by a group of businessmen from Faial. Seriously?!?! The reassuring thing is that projects of that monumental kind usually don’t make it through all the hoops and end up fading away in the bottom of some drawer. Once again, let’s hope for the best.

To all of you who prefer to experience things on a smaller scale, and with a personal approach: give us a call, write us a message. We have room(s) for you!

Really, eggs the size of watermelons? And raindrops the size of a taro leave! Be afraid, be very afraid….Or come and check it out!

Posted by: steuberosa | July 29, 2016

Die Welt steht Kopf

….aber auf den Azoren ist alles wie immer: Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen. Das Wetter ist perfekt für alles was Touristen gern unternehmen – Wanderungen, Ausflüge im und auf dem Meer, Nachmittage am Strand… Falls noch die passende Unterkunft fehlt: ein paar Zimmer sind hier und da noch frei im Banana Manor!

haus steht kopf

Posted by: steuberosa | June 15, 2016

Why not Wi-Fi?

A common question these days during check-in is “do you have wi-fi?”. We really value the possibilities of the internet and perfectly understand that for some of us it is imperative to be able to access the world wide web wherever they are. However, in a city like Horta that is generous enough to provide free wi-fi in all public spaces and with many cafes, bars and restaurants also offering free access to their own network, we decided to keep our space “radiowave free” as far as and whenever possible (usually our guests are able to get wi-fi access by the window of their room).

Is there scientific evidence that radiowaves cause us discomfort or harm? Some say “yes” others say “no”. At the end of the day, you lose nothing by staying in a wi-fi free zone as long as you can have access in other areas. Be assured though: for those whose life – or livelihood – depends on internet access inside our house, we have solutions at hand. We look forward to meeting you at Banana Manor guest house and will do our best to provide you a relaxed experience.


We can all get caught up in the web.

Posted by: steuberosa | February 15, 2016


Once again hundreds of brave athletes are going to cross the island, or parts of it, on May 28, to compete in the Azores trail run. It is exciting to see how popular this event has become over the past years. If you are looking for a quiet, cosy place to stay this May, think about booking a room at the Banana Manor guest house. Our name holds a promise: stay with us and we’ll provide the most wholesome super-food for runners, straight from our back yard, organically grown and available in all kinds of shapes! 🙂


organically grown banana three-pack!

Posted by: steuberosa | February 15, 2016

Love is all we need

…to keep us warm and safe from harm. A little poetry for this post-Valentine’s day greeting from Banana Manor guest house.

Is it too early to brag about Spring weather? Well, we definitely enjoyed the 22 degrees Celsius and lovely sunshine last weekend. Birds and flowers also seem very excited and so we’ll just hope that from now on, as far as temperatures are concerned, “the only way is up”!




Posted by: steuberosa | October 5, 2015

Change of perspective

If the abstention rate of 60% in yesterday’s national elections says anything good about the Azoreans it is probably this: we live in a microcosmos out here and barely worry about mainland politics because a lot of island business follows its own unwritten rules…and sometimes it’s better that way.

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a little peace and quiet in a place like the Azores in these restless, uncertain times that we are faced with?

Give us a call if you need a different perspective. We are looking forward to hearing yours.

chestnuts and pico

Posted by: steuberosa | July 3, 2015

Yes, you can!

If you are wondering if you can still book a room at the Banana Manor guest house this July, we’re pleased to say: “yes, you can!” Due to the unexpected cancellation of “a group that (apparently) wasn’t” – ouch! – we are now able to offer 4 wonderful, bright rooms with a view between 15-25 July.

Bring your family and friends and rent the whole apartment! Throw dinner parties and game nights – there is space for all of you!

We’ll now offer the first booking for that period a special deal: 10% off! So: rush and make that call, write that e-mail – we look forward to hearing from you! Deal code: cancellation special


Posted by: steuberosa | May 30, 2015

rent a room in Horta – with us!

…with more and more booking websites competing for clients, it seems that booking a room directly at a guest house or hotel is no longer in fashion. Or maybe booking through big reservation web-sites purveys a sense of safety that makes people feel more relaxed about their trip. What it means for small places like ours is obvious: we have to share our income with huge global corporations and follow rules and regulations that take away from our flexibility and spontaneity.

At the Banana Manor, we try to avoid bending down to large corporations whenever we can. We believe in the power of personal contact. Our priority is to make our guests happy, offer rates that work for them and policies that take the realities of life into consideration. -For example: While we require deposits for reservations in July and August, we reimburse every cent of it if a reservation needs to be cancelled for good reasons – and as long as you keep us informed.

So, don’t be afraid to get up close and personal: we don’t bite and we’d love to meet you here in Horta! 🙂

Oh yeah, by the way: the beach season has started early this year!!
beach in May

Posted by: steuberosa | April 17, 2015

Easter is over, April is being foolish: come see us in May!

Our Easter egg hunt was a success: Ostereifunde

Currently April is “doing what it wants” with our weather (- as they say in Germany…) We saw a beautiful snow cover on the top of Pico mountain and at the same time enjoyed some beach days that felt like late June. This weekend, on the other hand, we’re getting hit by an arctic cold front…

Right now we have a full house with our friends from Biosphere Expeditions checking for familiar flukes and fins amongst the visiting and resident whale populations. They have had spectacular sightings and there are more to come, for sure.

April/May is the best season to see the full spectrum of cetacean species – and get a good deal for your accommodation at the Banana Manor guest house! We’d be happy to hear from you.

Tired of sleeping on a boat? Take a break at the Banana Manor!

Tired of sleeping on a boat? Take a break at the Banana Manor!

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